Hi everybody, today i introduce you a Barber Shop in Dalat city, Vietnam. I Massaged Face,Wash Hair, Facial Skin Care, Cut Nail just 150.000 vnd (around $6).


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  1. Sica1000 6 months ago

    why you film by yourself!? i think i will dissub when you do that again man

  2. wyo angel 6 months ago

    a litle advice…nobody wants to see the inside of youre nose…cheers

  3. Tom Brown 6 months ago

    Does the girl get a tip?

  4. skyjacker 1 6 months ago

    please turn down the sound.

  5. Donna boyd 6 months ago

    She has magic fingers looks so relaxing. 2 thumbs up

  6. Brad Huston 6 months ago

    I guess a barbershop over has a different meaning I didn't see any hair cut. Good stuff we in America don't get such treatment.

  7. 6862211 6 months ago

    A why does she wear a mask?

  8. Wanda Colley 6 months ago

    Just found the channel here more for asmr but great channel my friend a happy sub !

  9. cosmic kaboom 6 months ago

    Worst channel name ever.

  10. Sahil Rao 6 months ago

    If you aren't getting a camera person for you, then you really need to find out a solution for that, buy a tripod or a long stand wherein you can fix your camera or phone!

  11. ClassOne 6 months ago

    So why does she only have nailpolish on just 3 nails? Thats what really bothered me the most

  12. WinkelHoof 6 months ago

    Im just worried she will do that creepy thing with his eyes…lol

  13. kakelinga 6 months ago

    Dude, stop talking! It's not relaxing when you keep running your mouth.

  14. Roldan Liquigan 6 months ago


  15. Hpesoj Ogladih 6 months ago

    That was a long ass bath.

  16. 曾賜聰 6 months ago


  17. skyjacker 1 6 months ago

    turn down sound and keep your mouth shut. don't need the distraction

  18. Al Ghost 6 months ago

    lil shorty got some pretty eyes, and she got that chun li hairstyle lol cute

  19. Moggridge 6 months ago

    This young lady has a lovely genuine smile 😊

  20. GERARDO GALVAN 6 months ago

    Are those flavored condoms hanging behind the chic?

  21. 사나미나토 자키 5 months ago

    Keep your mouth shut..

  22. Quan Luong 5 months ago

    Tiệm này ở đâu vậy bạn? Hơi bị thích bạn áo đen.

  23. bizzman4u 5 months ago

    it must be nice to be pampered by young pretty girls all the time.  If I lived there I go every week 🙂

  24. Duong Hai Truong 5 months ago

    Xin lỗi , có thể cho mình biết địa chỉ của tiệm này không ? Vì mình chỉ còn 2 tuần nữa là về Sài Gòn và cũng muốn đến tiệm này làm tốc . Xin chân thành cám ơn .

  25. sh mat 5 months ago

    Excellent job good for you

  26. Thai Nguyen Quang 4 months ago

    Tron goi bao nhieu tien vay ha bn

  27. Clifford Dotson 4 months ago

    you talk to much

  28. Allen Kostner 4 months ago

    You are beautiful

  29. Bebatik Rumahan 3 months ago

    Can she speak English ?

  30. Thuật Chu 3 months ago

    Đi hội đầu mà lắm mồm vãi

  31. Abitamim Bharmal 2 months ago

    Looks like a kitchen sink. Upgrade quality

  32. lovengen jan 2 months ago

    No need to talk much, but you can`t stop talking

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