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  1. Rubén Chiquin 10 months ago

    in comments discussion of Who is the Best, Beaulo, Noted or Hix

    Hey I like Macie Jay

    He gets killed

  2. Fear_Specialist 10 months ago

    Where's hixcap at???

  3. KillingTheFire 10 months ago

    This list is terrible… KiX is a super smart and FLUID player. Noted just does unecessary shit to look cool and skittlz has never been a pro player. One of the closest clones is either HiX or ImBoss

  4. KillingTheFire 10 months ago

    For all the people saying that Noted is better…. Any pro league fragger would destroy him (NvK, Katto, Nesk, etc…) He is not even good compared to any of this names. In the other hand Beaulo doesn't do unecessary shit to look good, he only does what's needed to obliterate the enemy and YES he is a fragger, but if you pay attention, he is really smart, the fact that he doesn't play support operators or that he doesn't say everything he thinks or that you are blind to see how smart his frags are is just something else. Beaulo is very talented, but in my opinion still one of the best fraggers OVERALL is NvK since his aim and coordination (intelligence too) is outstanding

  5. SpiralClient D.M 10 months ago

    I imagine them playing together in the same team;)

  6. Obama Blanco alv 10 months ago

    Beaulo 1 !!!!!

  7. vexac 10 months ago

    Lol m8 noted is better than beaulo

  8. Henry Chen 10 months ago


  9. Storm Shadow 10 months ago

    6:03 kixstar using a macro script? or what cz the scope of glaz was dancing when he press the fire button 🙂

  10. João Silva 10 months ago

    MUZI MUZI, Skittlz and Hixcap are more like Beaulo…

  11. Skys 10 months ago

    Who said noted is like beaulo
    Beaulo is like noted 😏😏

  12. Fran Goreta 10 months ago

    Make new part and put in: younel360 360 and Nero

  13. tanner labeau 10 months ago

    what is the first song!?!

  14. iHX 10 months ago

    all 3 of them are not professionals

  15. murilo 587 10 months ago


  16. iMod Aj 9 months ago


  17. Fropp 9 months ago


  18. Tyler Dingess 9 months ago

    Umm Kix is a legend, probably the best overall fragger off of skill and brains other than Pengu because he's the GOAT, but they don't play like Beaulo

  19. Unknowniswantwed 9 months ago

    First song : Mortals by Warriyo & Laura Brehm
    Second song : Firefly by Jim Yosef

  20. Arjun Bhat 9 months ago

    Technically, everybody, including Beaulo, has "Noted-like" skills, but, whatever.

  21. The lucho 9 months ago

    what is the song of the minute 1:28

  22. Mutano 9 months ago

    Where’s Muzi?

  23. mickeknah 9 months ago

    beaulo was hacking back in the days… maybe i can change your mind

  24. David Espinoza 9 months ago

    Kix is better than beaulo tho?

  25. Effxc7z 9 months ago

    KiX Washed up asf

  26. Calvin Calambers 9 months ago

    Noted #1 Hixcap#2 Skittlz#3 kix is a good player but he shouldn't take place in this because he doesnt fast peek

  27. R6 God 9 months ago

    1:40 ela clip looks like a macro or some shit. i know she was very good before the beef but not that good

  28. Studia Toniwold 9 months ago

    Muzi else

  29. István Bohács 9 months ago

    Kixstar is an ex proleuge player skittlz is a very good player but he is not fast as beaulo. I think only noted is a real part of the list.

  30. Neon Elner 9 months ago

    Skittlz TK d beaulo at 3:54 XD

  31. I'm Trash : 8 months ago


  32. TANKFlame 01 8 months ago

    Beaulo is like all this player, because Beaulo is new player Than kix noted and skitt

  33. The Guy 8 months ago

    Noted is the OG nasty boi

  34. The Guy 8 months ago

    Guys professional and pro league aren’t the same in the sense he’s using it in video games professional can be taken as the best players

  35. akylas a_ 8 months ago


  36. iGaara_ 8 months ago

    1:32 music??

  37. salmoon ifrahim 8 months ago

    Kix is a good player but not like beaulo and noted is equal to beaulo both legend

  38. Muhammad Asrar 8 months ago

    Missed hixcap

  39. iGaara_ 8 months ago

    Guys song of first like noted plis boys i need

  40. SILENCED 7 months ago

    honestly I have yet to see anyone as good as beaulo pro players included. If i had to pick the next best it would be noted. I dont know beualo is just on another level his game sense and positioning are insane.

  41. elia nadalin 7 months ago

    Name of First Song?

  42. King Wolf 7 months ago

    You forgot hixcap

  43. kaywan mohamad 6 months ago

    the name of music?

  44. ToxicTube 5 months ago

    Someone really forgot muzi I think he is as good as him

  45. OxlyPxlace - 5 months ago


  46. TayzN 4 months ago

    Do console please

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