On this episode we get a behind the scenes look into episode two of Sole Collector Full Size Run, where Trinidad James informs us Bun B will be on the show …


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  1. Carlos Vasquez 3 months ago

    Atyeeee I’m 4th

  2. Dicshant Thapa 3 months ago

    Do you have kyrie 4

  3. leocarreo 3 months ago

    My guy bringing back the molestache!

  4. Caleb Walker 3 months ago


  5. joel mejia 3 months ago

    I'm 5Th

  6. Too complex.

  7. Broke Boi Paul 3 months ago


  8. PaulWrites 3 months ago

    I'm pursuing a rap career. And what I'm gonna do is murder every beat that comes my way and watch the subscribers go up. I do it for God too, so I can't stop. Y'all keep following your dreams. 🙏💯🏆

  9. Andrew Bello 3 months ago

    Interviews Denver nuggets staff, wears Bulls jersey

  10. Fortiauto 3 months ago

    Complex packing heat!! There such an inspiration to my music!! Go check me out!!

  11. Travis Buter 3 months ago

    That's what's up tony @ complex with this vlog for real keep do yo thang💯💯💯👍👍👍

  12. K Smoove-11z 3 months ago

    Noti gang

  13. Osis-1337 3 months ago

    Bro there is a new eminem album and they be talkin bout shit like this

  14. Rep Finesse 3 months ago

    Fake receipts here

  15. Anton Slizzardhands 3 months ago

    2:00 I remember this guy sitting on the Nuggets sideline with that same worried looked on his face as he shoved a water bottle in Melo's face.

  16. TimTooForeignn 3 months ago

    When you chilling as the 1000th view

  17. Maicon Dos Santos 3 months ago

    A Complex tem que convidar o Lil Pump pra compra uns tênis

  18. Dilbert Doe Fanboy 3 months ago


  19. Winter bodies are made in the summer?

  20. David Coates 3 months ago

    Complex ain't gonna say shit about Em's new album?😂😂

  21. ankur sharma 3 months ago

    @complex now that eminem has dissed dj akademiks will you cover him on everyday struggle? Can you actually is the question..

  22. ishamel shiya 3 months ago

    Clowns and Cultural Vulture

  23. Julian Skillz 3 months ago

    Get travis scott here

  24. Andrew Lee 3 months ago

    Trinidad James looks so Indian lol

  25. Dick Piano 2 months ago

    Worthless discussion. Anyway, Met Rx used to be a nice company.

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