Special Forces units of Russia’s Western Military District demonstrated their combat skills during field exercises in Pskov region, Monday. Replicating real-life …


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  1. weasel101 3 months ago

    How do you say, Like Drunk Turtles, in Russian? 😆

  2. YourGaijinHero 3 months ago

    didn't know Russia trained taekwondo.

  3. Future DevilDog99 3 months ago

    Could you Imagine if Russian SF and US Marine SF Liberated N. Korea? It would be over in 2 days.

  4. Future DevilDog99 3 months ago

    1:36 when your grandma keeps cooking you and your workout buddies food but you are all on a cut

  5. ben taka 3 months ago

    1:14 spraying guns and techno music comes on ahahaahhaha.

  6. Dank Memes Dank Dreams 3 months ago

    Rainbow Six Siege (2015)

  7. Jamie Han 3 months ago

    holy shit that base swtich @1:17

  8. perkelepower 3 months ago

    How to rescue a hostage

    Step1: Shot the shit out of the hostiles while haning upside down.

    Step2: Do a ninja move and repel thru the window.

    Step3: Repeat the first move in step1

    Step4: Punch the hostage unconscious and throw him/her out the window

    Job done !

  9. Cody Greene 3 months ago

    What are these idiots doing? Lol

  10. Halil Boz 3 months ago

    best comedy movie ever

  11. MaverickMedia100 3 months ago

    00:30 professionals?

  12. DannyBeatzEnterprise 3 months ago

    Rossia – sviashennaia nasha derzhava,
    Rossia – lubimaia nasha strana!
    Moguchaia volia, velikaia slava –
    Tvoio dostoianie na vse vremena!

    Slavsia, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoe,
    Bratskikh narodov soiuz vekovoi,
    Predkami dannaia mudrost' narodnaia!
    Slavsia, strana! My gordimsia toboi!

    Ot yuzhykh morei do poliarnogo kraia
    Raskinulis nashi lesa i polia.
    Odna ty na svete! Odna ty takaia –
    Khranimaia Bogom rodnaia zemlia!

    Shirokii prostor dlia mechty i dlia zhizni
    Griadushie nam otkryvaiut goda.
    Nam silu daiot nasha vernost otchizne.
    Tak bylo, tak est' i tak budet vsegda!

  13. The021589cjr 3 months ago

    This is corny as hell

  14. Ryan Thompson 3 months ago

    Lol, that macho shit doesnt beat actual skill, awarness, speed of action and good marksmanship. Looks cool though.

  15. Nichita Damian 3 months ago

    Arma 3 controls right there

  16. john menger 3 months ago

    so when your team suffers a casualty you take 2/3rds of your firepower off of the enemy and drag your dude away instead of returning fire? great thats just great

  17. Robin 3 months ago

    I saw interesting tactics of firing, especially the quick kneeling, and firing from "laying on back". Hmmm…

  18. Emmanuel Verdejo 3 months ago

    Really nice training

  19. g_wzrd _ 3 months ago

    Sloppy. Maybe too much vodka?

  20. Pav BZ 3 months ago

    Chuck Norris was not impressed

  21. odinnn510 3 months ago

    haha they look so stupid xD

  22. Fxrisx 100 3 months ago

    What's the point of throwing that doll out of the window!?? XD

  23. Mr Potarthi 3 months ago

    They throw the pupet out of the window and later bring it back in the house ?

  24. spicecrop 3 months ago

    They don't seem very impressive.

  25. Act Kid 3 months ago

    fuze i swear if u kill the hostage one more time

  26. Dakota Miles 3 months ago

    This is comical

  27. shantanu rao 3 months ago

    Poor SEX DOLL

  28. Potatou 3 months ago

    0:32 casually drags handgun on the ground

  29. Elad Cohen 3 months ago

    It looks like a play where they’re trying to empress someone rather then fighting..

  30. Gypsy Danger 3 months ago

    00:58 White belt tae Kwon doe shit right there

  31. Augustus Gloop 3 months ago

    This was hard to watch…

  32. Asian guy 3 months ago

    Victoria Secrets. Secret models.

  33. zeev aloni 3 months ago

    0:33 Weird and unstable shooting position.

  34. Political Incorrect 3 months ago

    Ahmed the terrorist in Mother Russia is fucked!

  35. Codemann010 3 months ago

    0:30 tactical pistol drop

  36. Nick Busse 3 months ago

    I’d be down to fight with them. Been in the army for over 12 years and many of us wouldn’t mind teaming up. Here in Sacramento all you see are Russians and Ukrainians. Must be planning something lol. Good people I think

  37. Caleb [EXPUNGED] 3 months ago

    I personally like the way their helmets look.

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