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  1. Heads Up 1 year ago

    I live in Toronto, you have classes? 🙂

  2. Heads Up 1 year ago

    Hard on, The welds lol

  3. Robert Touchstone 1 year ago

    The Belt Buckle @ 2:33 is FUCKING AWESOME!

  4. Thameren Dyck 1 year ago

    Gotta love google translate

  5. LSX_ moe 1 year ago

    Aahhhh I need to buy a tig welder!

  6. Dave Devine 1 year ago

    Almost as good as my arc welding

  7. joe glockzilla 1 year ago

    Damn😲 I thought I was really good..this guy is world class..keep em coming pimp…

  8. Dakor jparie 1 year ago

    awesome skill!

  9. Fernando Silva 1 year ago

    Amazing work and skills! Loved the TIE fighter oven 😉

  10. Ben Geisser 1 year ago

    Those welds 😍

  11. Auto Technika 1 year ago

    Rewelacja ! Pozdrawiam.

  12. Pssssh. Hold my beer

  13. W C Emmons 1 year ago

    Absolutely magnificent workmanship, thanks for sharing.

  14. Clayton Silva 1 year ago

    Esse cara manja muito

  15. K Mac 1 year ago

    I was thinking yeh it's a good standard,then 7:36 and 7:40 came up,wow as good as it gets

  16. FrustratedBaboon 1 year ago

    Inappropriate with kids around. Thumbs down.

  17. manos vrentzos 1 year ago

    wtf……amazin skill tool…….

  18. ImplantedMemories 1 year ago

    @Sirca InUA


    Music please?

  19. julian willemot 12 months ago

    Like a boss

  20. Dave F 12 months ago

    Welding is like an art, I consider a really good welder an artist.

  21. THAT 240SX MEMES 12 months ago

    this is straight up welding porn
    to bad i only half the skill of those welders, if only i had the full skill of those guys i could do everything and anything for example Titanium the first time i welded titanium was horrible i just want to chunk/slam my piece to the floor since i was so done/frustrated but you know perseverance,perseverance,and perseverance,and MORE perseverance
    gonna make pie cuts for dinner what do you guys want… lol

  22. circlecloud11 12 months ago

    These guys are true artists.

  23. 4DIYers 12 months ago

    Welding porn

  24. J Hood 12 months ago

    Bad ass torch

  25. Samuel Adams 12 months ago

    Nice video, why did you shit all over it with that music

  26. Werner Heisenberg 12 months ago

    Unbelievable! Such skill and precision.

  27. Rob Wenzel 12 months ago

    I wish I could weld like that I'm just learning so most of my welds look like a kindergarten project lol

  28. Vance Mac donald 12 months ago

    As a welder this is just mind blowing how perfect,I'm, just, wow…

  29. Eric Gao 12 months ago
    Thermal spay powders, includes Nickel, Cobalt alloy powders are widely used in oxyaccetylene spraying, high velocity oxyfuel (HVOF) spraying, plasma transferred arc (PTA) overlaying, laser cladding, induction overlaying, powder metallurgical processes, injection molding, centrifugal casting, as well as 3D printing.

  30. No Akomplice 12 months ago

    Why does everyone feel the need to put loud shitty music in every video on YouTube??

  31. latin king 12 months ago


  32. SparksFly 12 months ago

    I knew a guy here in Illinois who had the licence plate "BAD VIBE" back in the 80s. Just kinda thought that was neat to see

  33. Lanny Fuller J 11 months ago

    Ninja art welding lol

  34. جاجيك 11 months ago

    Art Welding

  35. Marius Chiriac 11 months ago

    Now take a stick and arc weld a 10 inch pipe.

  36. mark casha 11 months ago

    How can anyone give this art skill a thumbs down must be some very jealous people out there!

  37. Håkon T. 11 months ago

    I thought porn isn't allowed on youtube? 😛

  38. damupr 11 months ago

    Who the fuck thumbs this down wtf!?

  39. Raphael Berger 11 months ago

    Hell jeeeah
    You can weld like a Boss! Oh yeah,

  40. teamcow550 11 months ago

    How 'bout the music, who is it………

  41. Tom Knox 11 months ago

    Yea that’s cool!

  42. Stevo Reno 8 months ago

    OFF the HOOK Welds Dude………………..we want to see more !!!

  43. Ross Hubbard 5 months ago

    I’m lost for words

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