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  1. sulaiman mohammed 9 months ago

    Hi Adam sir,

    You made fentastic explanation video. Thanks a lot

  2. Trade Works 9 months ago

    Great videos Mr. Khoo I look forward to future videos and thank you for sharing your vast knowledge

  3. Roman Gamer 8 months ago

    When will next lessons appear?

  4. Aggrey Chimfwembe 8 months ago

    Its my first time to watch Adam Khoo on utube training on FX . He is a good trainer with passion. Your presentation brother is great and easy to understand, God bless you.

  5. Alexander Ual 8 months ago

    The stock lesson and forex approach in the used of indicator is the same.

  6. manojj r khiara 8 months ago

    Hi Adam
    You are the best teacher i have ever come across. I am just a beginner in trading but through your teachings and guidance i was able to win 3 trades out of 5 trades that i have entered this month till date. Thank you so much for imparting and sharing with us your valuable knowledge.
    Adam, when would you be releasing the Lesson 2 of Professional stock trading. Looking forward to it…
    Good luck

  7. Thanks for the great points on trading the stock market… You explained it really well!

  8. Great video. Quick question. The ROIs on the margin examples do not appear to take into account the cost of capital. Do the brokerage firms charge for a margin account so a portion of the $700 profit in the example would need to be paid to the broker for using their money?

  9. Paul Asante 8 months ago

    Hi Adam, please this is Paul.I am in Ghana. How do I begin my training at your Academy. My Email is asantepaul33@gmail.com

  10. Ravi KUMAR 7 months ago

    Mr Adam has very good tools that will make money most of the times

  11. Amir Ostad 7 months ago

    26 minutes in and I have already learned so much. Dude thanks a lot!

  12. Mohit Bhatia 7 months ago

    Sir this is the most detailed video and the most honest video i have seen on youtube. Every person is trying to get us to sign on to different things. On the other hand you have made such a detailed video and you ask for nothing. Thank you for your knowledge sir.

  13. Korush Chenari 7 months ago

    Thanks Adam , you are a generous man

  14. Vivian Merchant 7 months ago

    Hi Mr.Khoo, you are a man who needs to be bestowed with Honor, you are the greatest Guru

  15. Andrew Rico 7 months ago

    sir..thanks alot….you are the best!

  16. Uhdbc Yjg Noraine 7 months ago

    The BEST Teacher I have found. God bless you and your family. TQVM SIR! 👍👍👍

  17. patrickgz 7 months ago

    excellent! easily able to follow you, your gestures helped a lot too!

  18. James Gillespie 7 months ago

    Hi Adam

    Love your videos. Im learning so much.
    Can i please ask what program you use for your charting and data analysis?

  19. Robert Ariku Omedo 7 months ago

    Hi AdamI am from Uganda have liked your video today on candlesticks. Its full rich in content and informative. You are superb.Thankyou.

  20. Thanks for the great points regarding the market Adam… Nice video!

  21. Mr Hank 7 months ago

    As always, great content. Thank you Adam!!

  22. ankur pathak 7 months ago

    Please make a playlist of these lessons from 1-10

  23. katekolamin 7 months ago

    I was wondering that; you put nearly 60% of your capital for to take %2 profit.Its ok.But how can i make other trades with %40 of my capital?And look for a %2 profit?Let's say my first trade took 25 days to win.How am i going to trade 20/30 trades per month? Thanks for your knowledge.

  24. FusedPoint 7 months ago

    Thank you so much Adam, you're such a wonderful instructor. Just wanted you to know that someone here really appreciated your time and effort.

  25. plb 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for the video, but where is part 2?

  26. Debraj Banerjee 7 months ago

    You are a great teacher Adam. Thanks for the wonderful videos.

  27. Warwick Greenham 7 months ago

    Hi Adam, You have caused more questions for me than I thought possible. I have had training courses in the past, but nothing can compare to the understanding I have gained from viewing a couple of your videos. Now I want more, I would like to go through all the videos in sequence, is this possible?

  28. Kristy Jackson 7 months ago

    Hey Adam…is it true you can scalp or only day trade 3days throughtout the week…but 25k need for everday…or is that not so….

  29. Romeo Canilang 7 months ago

    Too bad in Philippines our brokers have no Auto Stop Loss feature. we are really left behind.

  30. Roopesh M 7 months ago

    Thank you Adam. Really your videos are very encouraging and confidence building for trading and investment in the stock market. You are really a wonderful teacher.

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