Jessica Sterling is a successful portrait and business photographer — in the very competitive Los Angles arena. She sat down with Marc Silber to share …


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  1. Jessica has a ton of energy and great advice to help with your portrait shoots and with your career.

  2. canturgan 12 months ago

    I hate people, but I like to take pictures of them, I find it easy to fake a warm personality to put them at ease. Then I make my move. Photographers are sociopaths.

  3. canturgan 12 months ago

    How about showing some of her pictures. That might be an idea.

  4. Railfan Thomas 12 months ago

    Great advice. I completely agree when she talks about being good enough. Most people will never think they are good enough. Get out there and let the world decide, you might be surprised at the results.

  5. Divineshot 314 12 months ago

    I have two portrait shoots this weekend. Definitely going to put these tips to use!
    Amazing images too! 🙂
    Everyone have an awesome weekend.

  6. karlthetrader 12 months ago

    great way of interviewing, I love the sophisticated questions and the good answers of course 🙂

  7. Venerator Of Velocity 12 months ago

    thank you Jessica Sterling you keep me motivated

  8. Martin Turner 12 months ago

    Marc: as always, a great interview! While I have no plans to ever make any money at my photography, I love listening to folks who do it well! :0)

  9. Boredom Junkie 12 months ago

    Ahh Jessica seems so lovely! Great, as always, to have such positivity and encouragement on AYP – can't wait to see more from you guys.

  10. Foxtrot 12 months ago

    You have one of the best Photography channels on this site.

    Nothing in the way, just clear, concise and refined information.

    Completely solid, totally underrated channel.

  11. Flavio Presutti 12 months ago

    Hi, I like this interview, she has a nice vibe and energy!
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Andrew Frost 12 months ago

    I like this lady. Thank you Jessica!

  13. Anessa Birkemeier 12 months ago

    Well done, Jessica. You are so comfortable in your own skin and it shows. Personable, confident and real. That's what people want in a photographer. Love seeing your journey and applaud your success. Seriously though – we need to get coffee soon!

  14. David Fehrman 12 months ago

    A very good video! Thanks for posting this; there are a few things for me to try mentioned here.

  15. Charles Carstensen 12 months ago

    Jessica is wonderful! Thank you both.

  16. Jonathan Brady 12 months ago

    great video but that moire… WHOA!

  17. Mark Thomas 11 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  18. aswin j0e mike 11 months ago

    that was awesome!

  19. Matt Chase 11 months ago

    Thank you this is very encouraging!!

  20. Juan Quispe 11 months ago

    Since we are told to say in the comments that Bob Holmes looks like Sean Connery, what should we tell Jessica?

  21. Desmond DJ DDT Travis 11 months ago

    I have to get of my butt. I'm a good artist. I have the passion.

  22. MertcanKarakaya 11 months ago

    Cool vid, exceptionally useful 😀 If some of you are curious about these types of videos, look up heydominik. He's got pretty entertaining content too:D:)

  23. You guys are cute

  24. George Huss 11 months ago

    Thanks, Jessica and Marc ! Excellent advice: shoot more, detach from my own opinion of my work, get out there ! Love to hear more about your use of speed lights 😉

  25. Dex Pyran 11 months ago

    Great advice!

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