I’ve interviewed over 1000 designers and reviewed portfolios for over 25 years for some of the largest global companies and agencies. If you’re interviewing for …


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  1. Øyvind Hermans 1 year ago

    Great tips!

  2. Graphics Designer 1 year ago

    Please Make a video on [ ways to make money as a graphic designer ] no freelance sites. thank you.

  3. accept415 1 year ago

    This guy looks Steve Jobs

  4. nine tailz 1 year ago

    Thank you sooooo much for this Video!!! Just when i wanted something like this to help me with my Interviews in Middle East 😀

  5. Mangesh Yerunkar 12 months ago

    Nice video Philip very informative

  6. Colin McKenzie 10 months ago

    Thanks so much for this video. I plan to use "the questions to ask" for sure. It was something I was missing from my interview process.

  7. Sofia Sterzi 10 months ago

    Thanks for the great tips

  8. Leonardo Fernandes 10 months ago

    Hey Philip i'm new here but i already love your channel, one little tip/suggestion, between 250Hz and 450Hz decrease 2dB or maybe even 4dB with a not so open Q and you can also cut all the frequencies under 80Hz on your vocal track, this will improve your audio quality.
    Thanks for all your amazing videos, you're great!.

  9. M Akhtar 10 months ago

    I like the way you have demonstrated every single point clearly and thank you very much for uploading / sharing the video.

  10. Future Tech Future Tech 10 months ago


  11. Gashy 9 months ago

    Got a junior graphic design job interview for the perfect place this Friday. Helps me a lot! Thanks!

  12. Stacy Jia Cheng 9 months ago

    Thank you for share your wisdom, it is very helpful.

  13. Nida Rizvi 9 months ago

    I wish I could work with you

  14. Mustafa Jackson 9 months ago

    Thank you Sir, this was very helpful.

  15. Kalpana Mundhra 9 months ago

    😊 as always, I not only enjoy your videos but I learn a lot from you.. N yes as you said this really gonna help me in my next interview.. Seeing this, now m more positive and confident.. 😊 thank you

  16. Emina Dizdarevic 7 months ago

    Wow Philip, you're such a pleasant person.

  17. april sumerrs 7 months ago

    Thanks for this video! Very informative and practical 🙂

  18. Minute Explained 7 months ago

    I recently had a phone interview with a Fortune 500 company, and it was a different experience altogether. It was difficult to gauge the response and interest of the creative director on the other line, especially when she was silently taking notes during the conversation. There would be long periods of silence that felt excruciating and awkward.

  19. Gabriel Hourigan 7 months ago

    This is some really useful information, thanks very much!

  20. Mistre Fiseha 7 months ago

    ya he looks like steve jobs

  21. Mistre Fiseha 7 months ago

    thank you so much

  22. ftm khan 6 months ago

    Mr Steve, I am working as graphic designer ( package based) , now I want to apply abroad but I am clueless which kind of portfolio will be good for me to get a job in a big company abroad.. can you help me about this matter?

  23. Billy Fischbach 6 months ago

    I am a coder and designer. Can we talk sometime? I'm in so cal

  24. upendra chaudhary 5 months ago

    Love your videos

  25. Obaidul Kabir 4 months ago

    Sir I love your videos so much! Thanks for sharing your experience with the following user.

  26. Sarah Pounders 4 months ago

    Can I just say, I love the design of your video!!!

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