If ever you do find yourself in a slide or jack knife situation as a professional truck driver, there are a few things you can do in an attempt to correct the situation.


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  1. Rafael Ortega 9 months ago

    Thank you sir for all your wisdom! it really helps to hear advise from a seasoned vet like you. Thanks again

  2. Emanuel Malan 9 months ago

    So true.

  3. Mario M. 9 months ago

    Hi Dave
    My name is Mario I would like to congratulate you for the good information about been a truck driver…I would like to ask you a question if I may… I'm a American veteran since I got out from the Army (with honorable discharged) I stayed in Europe working for AAFES depot Germany (DOD)all my drive experience it's been here across Europe over a million miles…Does my experience count in the USA…
    Thank you…

  4. Mrdead Inmypocket 9 months ago

    I'm not saying this is how to correct a jacknife. This was my circumstance.

    Weather conditions were light snow, maybe and inch. I had just delivered in East Boston, trailer was empty. I was heading MA I-93 south, just went over the Zakim bridge and I was coming downhill into the tunnel. Felt like I was going just a touch too fast so I lightly touched the brake. Big mistake. The trailer immediately went to the next lane on the passenger side and was still moving further over. Luckily there were no cars on that side, which is rare for that stretch of road.

    Solution. There was no traffic ahead of me so I pressed the accelerator a bit. Which pulled the trailer back in line behind me fairly quickly. When I hit the tunnel the road was wet but not icy. I then decelerated. Then it was just a matter of stopping at my convenience for a change of underwear.

    Let me be clear, I did that almost without thinking and I don't think that kind of correction would have worked for most situations. I knew that I'd be on a better surface in 50 meters or so when I got in the tunnel.

    I'll tell you, even though my brain had apparently formed a plan without my being conscious of it, my heart was screaming at me to smash those brakes hard too.

  5. lilcrazychon 9 months ago

    I jacked knife my smart car! I wish I would of seen this video before.

  6. revoltingmorsel 9 months ago

    3 years driving and haven't found a decent internet video until this one. i'll be checking out your other ones when i get time. cheers

  7. logan Freeman 9 months ago

    your videos are always very helpful.how do you know that you drive or having black ice in front of you about 3 truck and trailer length far in front of you?I had this happened just last month in winnipeg mb and passed a long convoir from trucks was wondering why they are so slow road conditions were there fine,we just drove through blowing snow and bad view 60km before heading into winnipeg.came from sk.would be nice if you answer me this question and what to do if you hit ice and cant stop anymore because just slipping away straight into trailer or right side traffic or shoulder or ditch with big billboard. was my first accident at all so i try to stop and just break harder until i bank into the trailer in front of me.good just that nobody got hurt or any other damage than my truck.truck can be replaced but a life not.so i see that.

  8. Grim Reaper 9 months ago

    play er by ear 'n keep it outta the rubarbs

  9. D Bauman 9 months ago

    Nothing even close to the experiences of other commentors that i read, but i am emphasizing how things can turn bad on a dime. Coming from Alberta, Canada, heading south on the Interstate 15 , between Dillon MT. and Idaho Falls, a empty ford 1/2 ton spun and flipped over ahead of me…they had hit a long stretch of washboard ice, I totally surprised me…. only had a split second to react before going onto the washboard myself, pressed hard on the trailer brakes before the ice slowing my speed down, then when i hit the ice i let off the brakes and coasted over the long patch and slowly moved to the side and brought her to a stop, put the flashers on. Once i got far ahead out of danger from other vehicles inbound, went back to help the people upside down in 6ft of snow. Very scary situation, as other vehicles were coming in hot and unaware of the ice, i feared for my life . Once i got to Idaho Falls took me a couple hours to calm my nerves.

  10. Jeff Dillman 9 months ago

    If you want to learn not to jack knife Go to Hillsboro, ND and haul sugar beets. They will give you a vary lite truck and vary heavy loads. Then this is all done in a doubles with super singles on ice with snow blinding you on two lanes . You WILL learn or wish the hell you were in AZ driving a ice cream truck . Oh I miss that job no joke .

  11. Jermain Noble 9 months ago


  12. Jermain Noble 9 months ago

    Life saving stuff for us rookies. If we all watched vets like you we'll all be better off.

  13. raceyhellll 9 months ago

    Thanks for the tips great info

  14. Christopher Powers 8 months ago

    I've always either maintained throttle or powered out of a skid. Snow bank has saved my butt a few times. Rumble strip also helped when the highway was a glare of ice.

  15. James Nelson 8 months ago

    One thing I learned a long time ago and has worked for me when you get into a Jack knife use the Johnson bar lock the trailer drop a gear and stand on the throttle get her straight off the break off the throttle slow it down, best way to stay out of that situation Slow down drive the road not the truck keep your 5th wheel greased be smooth don't over react Slow down drive for conditions

  16. Tyvek Homewrap 8 months ago

    Great video. I live in Minnesota and I see at least five jacknifes or rollovers every winter. Good advice on how to stay safe

  17. Candy Banks 8 months ago

    AMEN brother!! I swear by the great JAKE! Start low and see what it will tolerate.

  18. Ken K 8 months ago

    pull the spike. that's what it's there for. duh.

  19. Chris Dodds 8 months ago

    Hello Dave..i am not a truck driver but I owe my allegiance to truck drivers as I sell air brake parts and accessories full time. I am assuming that the lever on the right side of your steering column is the trailer hand valve. I have greatly enjoyed your videos. Please keep them coming

  20. Martin Lornie 8 months ago

    I enjoy watching your Video's, a lot of wise information for the new drivers and have been driving approx. the same length of time as yourself, I however was taught that no matter what, a person must always endeavour to keep the trailer truck straight even if it means grabbing another gear and have used that knowledge to my advantage (only I time). Whenever I see a jackknifed unit I always think "rookie". I also wish Driver Instructors would teach new drivers to NEVER even think of turning that steering wheel unless the machine is in motion, back in the day when there was no power or brakes on the steering axle you had no choice. I have literally informed thousands to no avail., same as curbing, some folks just don't have any idea the damage they do.

  21. Rumen Hristov 7 months ago

    My god sir. You are the only person here on youtube who helped me relax and loose some of the anxiety about trucking. Thank you in enormous proportions.

  22. Ali Ali 7 months ago

    Thanks great tips

  23. Anthony Johnson 7 months ago

    This should be a video for swift…lord knows they have horrible drivers

  24. Giovani De parma 7 months ago

    When you're on ice, you're gonna slide no matter what you do . When you're on ice you're sliding period, just hope you touch some solid ground and grab some traction it's the only thing that will straighten out your truck .
    The Jake brake can help some ( 1st level) and get your feat of the brake and accelerator and just slide. You will touch ground again in 15 feet .
    Avoid them when you can .

  25. Suff 7 months ago

    Slap that johnson bar to straighten' the load!!

  26. Eric Sherman 7 months ago

    The first time you feel your truck slide your butthole will eat the drivers seat….. Anytime driving in inclimate I feel the drives start slipping I push in the clutch and reduce the spin to the tires…:

  27. Anthony Lee 7 months ago

    I always enjoy watching the ice build up on the wipers and mirrors.

  28. Slap Box Ya Mom 7 months ago

    What do you mean by steer into the skid?

    If my trailer kicks out to my right, I should steer towards the right or left?

    I would think steering to the right would force the jackknife harder and steering left would increase the chances for rollover

    Am I getting this wrong?

  29. Scott Austin 7 months ago

    Like your videos man. I just got my license and you and a few other youtubers are my only hope at getting out there and not sucking horribly at my job. I've been bad at jobs before and I don't want to go that route again.

  30. RubberDuck12287 6 months ago

    More, good, Smart-Trucking tips! Keep on Truckin'!

  31. Metso Potamia 6 months ago

    Can u make some longer videos I'm sure it can be more interesting and covers more

  32. Ryan Carson 6 months ago

    I like this dudes videos but he's soo long winded.

  33. quonia bonner 6 months ago

    I'm only 16 I'm driving truck all ready

  34. T Barton 6 months ago

    Dave You crack Me up……on this one

  35. Rhodes J 6 months ago

    I have to add to the comments and all the vids that this driver has put out…. Don't panic. Panic kills! Keep it together till your safe and made it through. Then if you want pull over, stop, and then let it wash over you.

  36. Joe Smith 6 months ago

    how to jackknife a small trailer without touching car? Please pm me if u know

  37. Paul Lambert 5 months ago

    I think it may be harder to handle a 53’ with mail on board than the trains I had when I used to drive always maxed as near to 137 500 as you could … but yup steep snowy downhills jake on and balancing the spike brake just right takes time to get that feel to keep the snake straight … a couple of times i was coming down a little too hot … one eye on the convex mirror seeing the pup trailer do a little dance and the other seeing a 4 wheeler up ahead going a little too slow … the butt cheeks tight and a few hell marry’s later I exited at the Golden BC scale … this was around 1994-5 … Get your slack adjuster certification folks ! 👍

  38. Richard Jimenez 5 months ago


  39. Enrique Casiano 5 months ago

    He went from jacknife to skidding

  40. TheWaterman1000 5 months ago

    Hummm. You say not to use the Johnson bar? Had a trailer hit a big puddle and started to break loose to the right. Was not speeding. Tapped the Johnson bar and throttle up very lightly. Trailer snapped back behind me. You are dead on steering lightly.

  41. N54 Lord 5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your experience!👍

  42. jason henn 4 months ago

    And that thing u been thinking is a conviently located hat hanger better known as a spike can aid emensly to straighten things out

  43. Jevon Little 4 months ago

    I appreciate you're not being a super trucker instead just another trucker who has been there before and would like to help me, and all the other me's, with a bit of knowledge or wisdom.

  44. AmericanHillbilly 4 months ago

    Do you recommend to run a CB in a car just in case it could come in handy ?

  45. jimi08jam 4 months ago

    How much money have you made ??? In Trucking

  46. M P 4 months ago

    140K lb tri-quad tankers are the most fun to have going down the road in the shape of a U


    You need a free sphincter workout?….that's how you get a free sphincter workout lol

  47. Tyler Buckley 4 months ago

    Back in 2009 I was driving for Werner had a load out of someplace in Colorado coming out of a truck stop and it was the first winter for my first solo run I was going about four miles an hour and my trailer started to jack knife towards the passenger side I turned the wheel to the left and it straightened right out scared the heck out of me

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