GUYS! I found my favorite pair of leggings! I’m so obsessed loll, if you know me, you know that I LIVE in leggings everyday, seriously. & the best part is that they …


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  1. Maraneyy Floress 8 months ago

    Alexxx yayy!!!😊 another freaking vlog love you so much, love the quote where you said it could be crack in hea lol, keep it up more vlogs please

  2. ThickWings 8 months ago

    Girl I am the SAME way. I love having multiple jobs that fulfill all my interests. Keep on Girl!

  3. Ceceilia Baker 8 months ago

    Its probably crack…I know! Girl, I LOVE their iced coffee!

  4. Shaniece Ashley 8 months ago

    Hey girly , stop by my page and show some love

  5. Leslie Cruz 8 months ago

    I feel like I know you lol you're definitely a people person. Can't wait to see more vlogs

  6. Hello Scar 8 months ago

    You go girl! You’re a girl boss making moves. 💜

  7. Ms. Gerece 8 months ago

    Congrats so exciting! Dont feel bad about the coffee I love it as well. Leggings with pockets is a must have. Gotta get the leggings…

  8. Unique C 8 months ago

    I liveeeeee for your thumbnail images! So gorgeous hunnie

  9. Draya 8 months ago

    U are so cute I love your Channel 😺

  10. Awnzsa Roberson 8 months ago

    Really random question, what gel do you use for your buns? I do my hair like yours all the time and my gel gives me flakes and doesn’t even work and I have tons of flyaways lol

  11. Alejandra V 8 months ago

    Your brows 😍

  12. Funny Family 8 months ago

    Yay another vlog!!!💕💜

  13. Keya Coppedge 8 months ago

    Come thru with the bare face. Face is looking flawless without makeup on 😘

  14. Diane S 8 months ago

    What where the name of the songs when u where in the car?

  15. Keanu &Paulina 8 months ago

    Omg the ending 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Yas girl preach lol 💖💖

  16. Jocelyn L. 8 months ago

    I been craving coffee all day today and I seen you get one and I’m like noooo! Give me some lmfao

  17. kocoa hollis 8 months ago

    Are you originally from Texas? You’re accent is so stinking cute so I’m like is she from NY or is it because you’re bilingual. I’ve always been curious.

  18. cupidgal 8 months ago

    Do you do freelance PR or have your own company? Love your blogs btw!

  19. Asiah Denise 8 months ago

    Can we please get a lit car playlist pleaseeee every last song you played I was lit lbs 😂😂😂😍 need to know the names of the songs or playlist please

  20. ZAFIRAH’S LUXLIFE 8 months ago

    love your videos !! new subbie here! make sure you guys check out my channel and videos! subscribe back!

  21. BeautyPaintBox 8 months ago

    You go girl and congrats on your career paths. It’s funny you said you can do a million things because there are so many things I want to do and I’m always told ‘you want to be Jackie of all trades’ so what if I do it’s what makes me happy. I’m so intrigued about the PR job. How did you get into it and how can one start that path? Lol

  22. Miracle Peace 8 months ago

    So glad you're in a happy place! It really shows! And thank you so much for the inspiration! Love you girl! #getit #bossbitch

  23. Karen Garcia 8 months ago

    Wow these leggings are BOMB

  24. Sierra 8 months ago

    2:523:01 😂😍sounds like you have an actual baby but it’s your baby girl penny💕 we love these long vlogs keep up the good work! I’m happy you love your jobs working for that money to buy a house for you and penny one day💕

  25. scott blanch 8 months ago

    Absolute perfection 200% & seeing your amazing leather seats as well 😉💜

  26. Melanie Blue Glam 8 months ago

    "I don't know what is in here, it's probably crack!!" 😂🤣😂🤣 I am weak. I just found your channel. You are so pretty and your eyebrows are on point!! What video software do you use?

  27. Deonna Myleah 8 months ago

    The leggings look so good! I’m so happy and proud of you for finding what makes you happy !! Xoxo

  28. Zaira Viviana 8 months ago

    BK coffee is the bomb! Love you ❤️

  29. Stephannie Ankrah 8 months ago

    How is your car mount holding up? Do you recommend?

  30. Kashira Alexander 8 months ago

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new endeavours!! Do you boo boo get yo coins!!😁😄

  31. Sue C. 8 months ago

    Alexx: Congratulations! Good for you taking that leap and doing what you love! In this society, it takes a confident person, to leave that hum-drum boring, basic 9-5 job & be productive doing what makes them happy and motivates them to do more and become a BETTER version of themselves! So, I'm proud of you and wish you all the best in your new career! GOD will guide you on your path to great success! Looking forward to the next vlog. LOVE YOU MUCH!❤ Besitos!💋

  32. Star Sharri 8 months ago

    Girl I binged watch all your videos your content is so inspiring😍you are the cutest and I love that puppy penny! Keep up the good work! #iloveit

  33. Alison Kempel 8 months ago

    First thing … I just want to thanks for doing YouTube . I really love you channel, and espically this vlog. I have also been struggling with myself and my life. So when I first saw I kept watching it over and over, until something in me started to click again and I feel as if I am starting to come back to who I use to be but better. So thank I thank you so very much. I also wish you the very best of luck in with everything thing that you are doing and for being such and amazing inspiration.

  34. Fatima Francesa 8 months ago

    So proud of you!!! Look at you elevating 😍😍🙏🏼🙏🏼

  35. VanessaDallas! 8 months ago

    Hi I shouted out to you on my Q&A Video I did on my you tube! I hope you subscribe & share!

  36. Leggingsaholic 8 months ago

    Love you😘

  37. bigbodybrii 8 months ago

    do you have a video on what your camera setting are on? i love it

  38. Abia-kyarna 8 months ago

    I need to get me those leggins cutsey🎲👣💐

  39. Alera & Alera 8 months ago

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  40. Octavia Banks 7 months ago

    Where did you get your sunglasses from 😻😻

  41. julia washington 7 months ago

    Thank you Alex for sharing these leggings! <3

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