Hello everybody, i’m traveling in Dalat city, Vietnam. Dalat is flower city, weather is colder than Saigon. It’s an interesting destination, you’ll spend 4 season in …


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  1. Aotearas 6 months ago

    Those backcracks at the end … hnnnng

  2. chrisc4u 6 months ago

    VERY good masseuse. Very strong pressure and none of that lazy "efflourage" crap.

  3. Hadish Thokchom 6 months ago

    she is beautiful too😻

  4. Sean H 6 months ago

    Dude needs to stfu and enjoy his massage.

  5. steven hayes 6 months ago

    If I got this treatment and she was rubbing my upper leg which is in close proximity to muh junk I'd find it hard to not get at least a half chub. Lol.

  6. Jon suy lee 6 months ago

    where is this place located in da lat?!

  7. Medborgarskolan Öst 6 months ago

    Too much talking

  8. Kavita Wadekar 6 months ago

    Nice video

  9. anilkumar kherdaykar 6 months ago

    Nice massage with a nice girl

  10. M M 6 months ago

    Everyone talking about how cute she is. She truly is. But why not comment on her talent rather than her appearence ? She seems to be a hardworking woman and she isnt here to display her beauty

  11. unwanted333 6 months ago

    You just ruined the video by kerp on talking
    Better go to cafeteria and talk as much as you want

  12. Lone Survivor 5 months ago

    What is the need to talks so much.. cant u just sit and relax… 😠

  13. Dafne's Channel 5 months ago

    Is a 100,000 vnd tip reasonable in vietnam? Would it be considered rude/offensive to offer more then that?

  14. GhoStrike 5 months ago

    Thank you for tipping

  15. My current favourite massage video on YouTube.

  16. rhymeswithteeth 5 months ago

    I need this/her.

  17. porousorifice 5 months ago

    All that talking and still couldn't seal the deal on the happy ending!

  18. dgrpotato 5 months ago

    can u have subtitles ?

  19. CLASSIC COMEDY CHANNEL 5 months ago

    I think he needs a good feed rather than a massage

  20. Nicholas Zoeller 5 months ago

    great job for the woman.kudos to her! I agree less talking.and if another language,a translator would be nice.just my opinion.great job on the video!

  21. Quang Nguyen 5 months ago

    For those of you that don't understand the conversation. Here is some interesting thing that I heard.

    Guy: Do you do shift work here?
    Girl: No, I work from morning to night
    Guy: Wow, that's is very tiring
    Girl: No, Not really, you only work when there are customers or when a travel tour is in town. And there is a staff room for staffs to rest upstairs.
    Guy: Working this job seems to be exhausting
    Girl: Is there any jobs that could earn money and not feel tired? "smile"
    Guy: This place is really nice and decent. Other place forces their staffs to wear minimal clothing.
    Girl: The weather here is chilling, so most people wear enough clothes to keep warm. Back at my old intern place, I was wearing short clothing. Short and skirt are the norms. But here it's cold and you don't want the customer to get the wrong idea.
    Guy: Does your family say anything when you work in a massage parlor?
    Girl: No, I do decent work here and massage is a real job. My dad told me " to work with manners". My mom is okay with me working here
    Guy: are there regular customers that ask for a specific staff?
    Girl: yes, each staff here is given a number so the foreigner can remember
    Guy: What is your number?
    Girl: My number is 13
    Guy: What's your name?
    Girl: My name is ****(Finally haha, research time)
    Guy: How old are you?
    Girl: I'm 23 years old
    Guy: Is there any day-off working here?
    Girl: Once a week, but you have to ask the week before.
    Guy: Wait, What? How many days in a month that you are not working?
    Girl: 4 days, but nobody wants to do it. Only when they are really busy then they will ask for a day off because you also earn money if you show up in your day off.
    Guy: Only people with a lover will take their days off (Flirt attempt)
    Girl: There are people with family and children but they still work during their day off. (haha)
    Girl: are you done yet? if overtime or late then you will have to pay more( in a playful tone)
    Guy: hehe, no problem, you can work until the camera is out of battery ill pay
    Girl: No way, I'll die before I could finish

    Other than the above, this dude is totally into the girl like most of us, so he talked about random things. I tried to find the address of this place based on the letters on the front door but got to nowhere. If you happen to be in Đà Lạt, Just look for a massage place with 2 foot on the glass door with purple curtain and tell me the address lol.

  22. He Ro 5 months ago

    Why is this guy purposely not leaving the address of where he goes? Wants to make money off that? really? Good video but stop filming your face though, would make the video 10x better

  23. Quốc Bảo Ngô 4 months ago

    Bạn có thể cho mình xin địa chỉ cụ thể chỗ này ở đà lạt ko ạ? Mình cám ơn bạn !

  24. Mike Lee 4 months ago

    That poor girl. Hope you gave her a good tip.

  25. Aedammair Ornóra 4 months ago

    Asian men are so ugly

  26. Toan Nguyen 4 months ago

    Địa chỉ spa này ở đâu trên Đà Lạt vậy anh ?

  27. Bebatik Rumahan 4 months ago

    Can she speak English?

  28. 西田大志 4 months ago


  29. Bebatik Rumahan 4 months ago

    Can she speak English

  30. Luis Sanabria 4 months ago

    Dear Street Food and travel, ASMR videos have a purpose. Your constant conversation is inconsistent with ASMR videos. Thanks.

  31. surfrax abdeen 4 months ago

    Please share address or location

  32. 21hippygolucky 4 months ago

    Love 3:50

  33. maurizio ziggiotti 4 months ago

    non comprendendo la tua lingua , è inutile che parli , con gli occhi vediamo ma quando parli rovini tutto , meglio fai vedere i video a chi capisce la lingua , non per tutti

  34. Farhan Q 4 months ago

    She's so pretty!

  35. 桜の花びら 4 months ago

    이때까지 본 마사지사 영상중에 탑급이네.스킬이 달라.

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