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  1. آآآهوووو كام يفيك

  2. Dante 9 months ago

    Salt bae y best bae awkward season husbando.

  3. Tkliz ZerS 9 months ago

    Turkey profesyonal

  4. Nabil Ashraf 9 months ago

    Aka salt bae

  5. Recep Aydın 9 months ago

    Turk beatiful

  6. Kanan Trivedi 9 months ago

    hit a like if u appreciate their work

  7. Rz Az 9 months ago

    i think salt bae's staff wass too much than hes boss

  8. Sahdin Khan 9 months ago

    The firt guy is Much better than Slat Bae's disgusting pelvic thrusts and elbow sweats. Let's be real any other person putting salt touching through their body would've gotten sued his ass off by most customers.

  9. Jk957 9 months ago

    Raw meat

  10. Kadir 9 months ago


  11. Otário eu…por acaso deixei cair algumas amêndoas no meio do Bacon que estava fritando…QUE DELÍCIA!!!

  12. Absolete One 9 months ago

    The first chef is talented
    With the knife
    Almost like they have the same non

  13. Kev Uber 9 months ago

    Ummm salt bae is a joke compared to the first guy. One thing about salt bae that is somewhat annoying, his slow motion act while he is cutting!

  14. El Represor 9 months ago

    Come to Argentina and learn something about meat

  15. michalis papa 9 months ago

    Κοψε ρε μλκ το φαι μου μπαμ μπαμ να φαω παλιο παπαρα.καθεσε και κανεις μλκιες.Αμα ειναι να κανω και εγω τα ιδια οταν θα ερθω να σε πληρωσω

  16. Rustem Karakaya 8 months ago

    Özentilik kadar kötü bir şey yok kendin ol En iyisi şow yapmaya gerek yok

  17. Iztex pvp 8 months ago

    Must be his cousin.

  18. Street Food Dream Food 8 months ago

    How much does it cost Salt Bae knife?Check out:

  19. edres ahmed Al-faroby 8 months ago

    Nice moustache

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