Last Day to Grab My Professional Forex Trading Course and Have the Broker Pay for It! If you want to create an additional source of income or to trade Forex …


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  1. Jarwanto 8 months ago

    good job adam

  2. Zoubeir Fx 8 months ago

    you are amazing Adam keep going, keep it up

  3. Saien Naidoo 8 months ago

    Is the deposit for the MT4 account compulsory immediately?

  4. vinh tran 8 months ago

    Hi Adam, i already have Interactive Brokers for stock trading, if I enroll to Hallifax via IB, do I still get $500 credit? From my understanding, IB is a clearing partner. Thanks.

  5. nicoemil1 8 months ago

    What if im already have an account at Halifax?

  6. Davis Nation 8 months ago

    Do you have an ip agreement with this broker? If so please include the link.

  7. MickB147 8 months ago

    Hi Adam, I have just attempted to purchase the course, however I have been re-directed to a page stating the course isn't available in my country, I live in the UK.

    Why is this? seems odd 🙁

  8. MiraculousGaming 8 months ago

    Why does it say not available in your country. Im in the U.S!!

  9. Dofl Pks 8 months ago

    Please do a youtube video on how you enter the best bounce patterns! 🙂

  10. akossi wilfried 8 months ago

    Hey adam
    I've watched all your videos on youtube there are just awesome and i love learning from you.
    But i would like to know how does leverage affects negatively your income?

  11. Victor Vinue 8 months ago

    It'd be nice if the PiranhaProfits alerts for October/November/December was updated..

  12. Marcial Wills 8 months ago

    Where can I find the "Terms and Conditions" that apply to the $500 credit from Halifax?

  13. ForexNews99 8 months ago

    Good Job!

  14. Mukto 8 months ago

    I’m from uk. Can I still join this course? Once $500 deposited what will be the terms and conditions? If you can clear it please.

  15. tish wittma 7 months ago

    got to see this 3 days to late 🙁

  16. Mrs. Lightning Fast 6 months ago


  17. Ross Eldrin Taupa 3 months ago

    Why not make this available in the Philippines? You a hater of Philippines?

  18. wei hong low 2 months ago

    is this still available?

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